IUI Treatment Cost In Chennai – Cost Vs Success


IUI Treatment Cost In Chennai – Cost Vs Success

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Can I get pregnant with thin endometrium?

     Some of the scientific studies have not found any relation between thickness of endometrium and successful pregnancy. But majority are in the view that thin endometrium is associated with lower pregnancy rate. Hence your doctor will

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IUI is the simple and most common fertility treatment used worldwide. Often patients ask for IUI treatment as it is less costly and simple to perform. However, it is not suitable for all infertile couples. It has some prerequisites or conditions. Functioning fallopian tubes, good sperm count and healthy sperms are essential for IUI success. You have to undergo basic tests like semen analysis, hormone tests and HSG test before undergoing IUI treatment.

IUI Treatment – Factors for Success:

Before starting IUI procedure your fertility specialist will explain about success rate and limitations. IUI is a simple procedure with low success.

Healthy Fallopian Tube

Sperm Health 

Fertility Hormones

Andrology Laboratory


Sperm Bank





HSG/ Laparoscopy

Healthy fallopian tubes are essential for transport of sperm to the site of fertilisation. Your doctor will check the tubes either by HSG or through laparoscope.

Sperm motility and morphology



WHO has given guidelines for assessing sperm health though semen analysis. You must go through the detailed semen analysis report before proceeding for IUI.

Done on 2nd/3rd day of cycle



Fertility hormones like FSH and LH are checked before ovulation induction. FSH hormone is a measure of egg quantity whereas, LH tells us about quality of eggs

A clean and well maintained andrology laboratory gives good success for IUI. Infection in the laboratory can reduce motility and kill the sperms.

Ethical Sperm Bank

If you are choosing for donor sperm IUI you will be provided a sample matching to your partner’s profile. Usually the identity of the donor is kept anonymous.

Good Andrologist

Sperm sample preparation is an important part of IUI. A good andrology specialist separates sperm sample from other cells and the fluid in semen.

How much does IUI cost in Chennai?

How much does IUI cost in Chennai?

IUI treatment cost varies from clinic to clinic. It depends on the type of medications used. Your doctor may not use any medicines if you are young and visiting for the first time. Natural cycle IUI will cost less for you. If you are using Recombinant injections then cost goes up. Cost of IUI treatment includes the cost of medications, IUI preparation and supportive medications after the procedure. Cost breakup for IUI treatment will depend on Type of ovulation induction, procedure of IUI and supportive medicines used. IUI treatment cost may vary between 5000 INR to 40000 INR per cycle

IUI Process

IUI Process

At times your doctor may conduct IUI procedure for consecutive days to improve success rate. This will add to your cost. Donor sperm IUI will also cost more.

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction is the process of using medications to stimulate ovulation in women who have irregular or absent ovulation



If you are having PCOS then your doctor may advise for down regulated cycle. This will escalate your package cost as it requires lot of injections.

Luteal Support

You will be advised to take some medications after the IUI procedure. These medicines will help you protect the pregnancy.

What is the success rate of IUI?


IUI Treatment – What You must Know

Common queries of Infertility



How many follicles need for IUI?

Ovulation induction is used in IUI treatment to grow the follicles. Follicle in the ovary contain eggs and release by ovulation after maturity. Naturally the ovaries ovulate in alternative calendar months thus making one mature egg available each month.

Ovulation induction you may grow more eggs in contrast to natural cycle. For better success 2 or 3 follicles of size 18 mm or beyond is suggested.

What is the success rate of IUI?

IUI is a simple treatment and its success rate is slightly higher than natural pregnancy. If you and your partner are healthy and have good fertility score than your chances of falling pregnant naturally in one month is around 5- 10 %.

In IUI success rate depends on the fertility parameters. On an average success of IUI is 9-15% per cycle. You may be advised 3 to 4 cycles of IUI procedure by your doctor. This will increase your cumulative pregnancy rate to 25- 30%.


What are the types of IUI treatment used?

hat are the types of IUI treatment used?

Various type of protocols are used in IUI treatment depending on the fertility parameters of couple. If you are young your doctor may try natural cycle IUI. Ovulation induction is used in patients who fail in natural cycle IUI or have been trying for few years.

IUI can be done after down regulation of hormones. PCOS patients are advised this type of IUI treatment. Your doctor may do the IUI procedure after confirmation of ovulation by ultrasound. Some doctors prefer to do IUI before ovulation. They may conduct a second IUI procedure after ovulation.

What are the steps of IUI treatment?

IUI treatment starts with basic investigations of couple. If your fertility tests are normal then your fertility specialist will advise you for IUI. Steps followed in IUI treatment are –

1) Ovulation induction to grow follicles. Follicular growth is monitored by ultrasound and hormone tests. Follicles are tracked until they grow more than 18 mm.

2) Release of egg is done by administering HCG injection.

3) IUI preparation and insemination to the uterus.

4) Luteal support and guide for pregnancy check.

What are the limitations of IUI treatment?

Before starting IUI procedure your fertility specialist will explain about success rate and limitations. IUI is a simple procedure with low success. Hence your doctor prepares for 3- 4 cycles of IUI to increase chances of pregnancy. With each cycle of ovulation induction you will loose few good eggs.

Women have limited eggs in their ovary and it is not advisable to waste by repeated ovulation induction. After 3 to 4 failed IUI cycles you can take a break or opt for IVF treatment. After few cycles IUI treatment cost amounts to IVF treatment. At times infertility in couples are unexplained and IUI treatment fails for them.

Why follicular monitoring is required in IUI?

 Ovulation induction is the process of using medications to stimulate ovulation in women who have irregular or absent ovulation.

It works in a condition where follicles in a woman’s ovary do not mature and release eggs. Ovulation induction is typically achieved with a variety of medications that stimulate the ovary to produce and release eggs.  Follicular monitoring tells us about the time of follicular growth and release of egg. This helps in administering medications in time.



Thin Endometrium – Successful Pregnancy with Thin Uterine Lining

Receptive endometrium is essential for pregnancy.

IUI Treatment Cost In Chennai – Cost Vs Success

IUI treatment starts with basic investigations of couple. If your fertility tests are normal then your fertility specialist will advise you for IUI.

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